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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose hothotel Metropole?

Hotel Metropole is the finest beachfront hotel on the island. VIP Oceanfront suites, jacuzzi baths, balconies, fireplaces available, 40" flat screen TV's, free wifi, private 2-bedroom Beach House, and the luxurious A Touch of Heaven day spa.

Where is Metropole Hotel Kampala located?

The highest peak is Mt. Stanley (5109m) in the Rwenzori Mountains. Metropole Hotel Kampala overlooks the Uganda Golf Course and is located within the premium localities of Kampala, also known as the city of 21 Hills. Metropole Hotel Kampala is the pioneer in using IP Telephony infrastructure in the Hospitality industry in Africa.

What is the history of the Hotel Metropole?

In 1886, the « Monte-Carlo Hotel Company Ltd » built the Hotel Metropole on land which previously belonged to Pope Leon XIII. Soon after, the most demanding international clientele was won over by the unostentatious luxury of this quiet hotel built in the “Belle Époque” style.

How many rooms does the Metropol Hotel have?

Today, Metropol has 365 rooms, and each is different in shape or decoration. The hotel is the setting of Amor Towles's 2016 novel, A Gentleman in Moscow.

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