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Frequently Asked Questions

What do people wear to the Metropolitan Opera?

What Do People Wear to the Metropolitan Opera? Men's Formal Attire. Men typically dress up for openings and galas in formal attire. ... Women's Formal Attire. Choose a long, elegant gown. ... Men's Professional Attire. Professional attire for nights other than a gala or opening is recommended by the website Women's Professional Attire. ...

What is the dress code for Metropolitan Opera?

The Metropolitan Opera (New York, USA): “There is no dress code at the Met. People tend to dress more formally for Galas or openings of new productions, but this is optional.

Where is the Metropolitan Opera located?

Metropolitan Opera is located on Broadway, Manhattan, New York City, USA. Opened in 1966, Metropolitan Opera is one of the most famous opera houses in the US. Here you can see an interactive Open Street map which shows the exact location of Metropolitan Opera.

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