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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mic booster CT 1 made in the UK?

The MIC BOOSTER CT 1 is designed and engineered in the U.K. and is made to withstand the rigors of the road for years of dependable use. read more…

Is Klark Teknik's New Mic booster the cheapest mic activator?

With the new Mic Booster, Klark Teknik has introduced a new alternative. And given that the company is part of the Behringer Music Tribe, it’s no surprise that it’s the cheapest mic activator yet. At just USD 30, the CT 1 costs less than a third of most competitors. According to Klark Teknik, it boosts the signal by +25 dB.

Is this the cheapest in-line mic preamp yet?

Klark Teknik Mic Booster CT 1: the cheapest in-line mic preamp yet? Klark Teknik has introduced the Mic Booster CT 1 in-line microphone preamp. At just USD 30, this might be the cheapest way yet to boost the level of dynamic and ribbon microphones.

How do I use the ct 1?

The simplicity and size of the CT 1 means you can easily connect it to the end of any microphone in your setup and amplify the signal right out of the mic. This minimizes the risk of any potential noise being picked up by long cable runs in between the mic and preamp. It also runs on phantom power and needs no external power source.

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