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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mic system viable in public housing construction in HK?

Discussion and study with Centre for Innovation in Construction & Infrastructure Development (CICID) from HKU for the viability of adopting MiC system in public housing construction in HK, which is comssioned by HA. 3. Design study for Concrete+Steel Composite Structure.

Is it easy to build your own Mic?

Secondly, because it is such a simple circuit, it is very easy to build, even if you have no previous electronics building experience. With moderate care and attention anyone can easily build a pair of these mics in an afternoon. Thirdly, this mic uses a proprietary, portable power supply instead of phantom power.

How much does it cost to build a condenser mic?

I’ve written this article so that anyone who wants a great condenser mic (or those who just want more of them) can have their wish. For around $20 (US) anyone can build an extremely accurate, life-like condenser microphone. DO NOT let the cost fool you, this mic’s frighteningly good performance will blow your mind — and it’s easy to build!

What is the in-principle acceptance of a mic system?

The in-principle acceptance may be restricted to certain performance aspects of a MiC system / component. The Users who makes use of or relies on any information in the Lists shall assume full responsibility for the application and performance of the pre-accepted MiC systems / components.

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