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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MIC owned by Bustle?

Bustle Digital Group bought the events website Flavorpill, owner of Flavorwire, in August 2018. On Nov 29, 2018, Mic CEO Chris Altchek announced Mic was laying off most of Mic's staff while working on a deal to sell Mic. Later on Nov 29, a Bustle rep confirmed that Bustle Digital Group had acquired Mic.

What is Bustle Digital Group?

According to their about page “Bustle Digital Group is the largest premium publisher reaching millennial women. Every month, nearly 80 million readers turn to Bustle Digital Group publications — Romper, Elite Daily, and The Zoe Report — for impactful conversation around the interests and issues engaging women today.”

What is Mic (PolicyMic)?

Founded in 2011, Mic (formerly PolicyMic) is a media company that targets millennials. Mic was sold to Bustle Media Group in 2018. According to their about page “We work with creators to uncover issues and stories that matter through the lens of authenticity, inclusivity, and conversation.

What is the history of Bustle?

Bustle was founded by Bryan Goldberg in 2013. Previously, Goldberg co-founded the website Bleacher Report with a single million-dollar investment. He claimed that "women in their 20s have nothing to read on the Internet.". Bustle was launched with $6.5 million in backing from Seed and Series A funding rounds.

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