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Frequently Asked Questions

What is airbox®?

AirBox is the only commercial-grade solution built in the USA that uses Certified HEPA filtration with high velocity to affect the dynamic room air flow for a comprehensive pathogen hardened solution. AirBox engineers can provide a Safe Air Plan® customized to your facilities’ specific needs.

What makes the H13 air purifier by Miko special?

The H13 air purifier by Miko features multiple fan speeds, built-in timer, maximum surface area for air flow, all around suction, replacement filter indicator and essential oil port. The filter is composed of an H13 medical grade filter, a preliminary filter, and anti-bacterial filter for super clean filtration and performance.

How many square feet can the Miko air purifier purify?

I purchased this Miko air purifier for a very large room because the product description stated that it can purify the air up to 400 square feet. Have had this product for ten days and it is even Better than I expected!!

What is pureaware with airbox?

AirBox has partnered with PureAware to allow commercial customers to control, program, and schedule their entire fleet of air purifiers to improve energy efficiency, optimize longevity of the filters, reduce maintenance hours and monitor that the purifiers are on and working properly.

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