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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Keaton returning as Batman Beyond in ‘Batgirl’?

With Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home doing billion dollar business at the box office despite a raging pandemic, DC is doubling down on their own superhero multiverse plans with a return of Michael Keaton for a Batman Beyond type of role in the upcoming DCEU Batgirl film releasing on HBO Max.

Will Batman Beyond be part of the DCEU live action films?

Now, however, there’s a chance for the live action films to borrow the best elements of Batman Beyond but set them within current broader DCEU continuity.

Will kevinkeaton return as Batman?

Keaton was already announced to reprise his role as Batman in the continuity-retconning The Flash.

Will Bruce Wayne appear in Batman Beyond?

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, will apparently serve a role similar — albeit presumably less directly involved on a daily basis — to his appearance in the popular animated series Batman Beyond. Set in a future Gotham City, Batman Beyond follows Bruce Wayne in retirement as he trains Terry McGinnis to become a new Batman.

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