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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Michael Keaton as Batman?

Now there was a lot of uproar to Michael Keaton as Batman before the film but after this film all doubts were forgotten. He is absolutely superb as both Bruce Wayne and Batman and really emphasised this new Gothic type serious character.

Who is Batman in Gotham City?

Gotham City, a big city where crime has been occurring lately and a mysterious caped crusader named Batman (Michael Keaton) is wiping streets clean of criminals, it leaves the police especially commissioner Gordon (Pat Hingle) baffled.

Did Bob Kane create Batman on his own?

Bob Kane is listed in old (pre-2015) media including the comic books as creating Batman on his own but new media (made after 2015) shows him as co-creating the character with someone called Bill Finger, so what's all that about? Does Batman intentionally or accidentally drop Jack Napier into the chemical vat?

What was the media perception of Batman before the Dark Knight?

Before this film the media perception of Batman was that of a cartoony character but this film thanks to Tim Burton introduced us to The Dark Knight that is Batman. This film shows Batman facing his most feared nemesis The Joker while as Bruce Wayne he attempts to lead as normal a life as possible.

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