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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Keaton coming to Hulu’s ‘Dopesick’?

But he is a relative outsider when it comes to TV. “ Dopesick ,” an upcoming Hulu limited series about a pharmaceutical company that set off the worst drug epidemic in American history, will bring Keaton to both, and fans of the former Batman (and “Multiplicity” icon) can check out the first trailer below.

What would a two-hour movie look like with Michael Keaton?

A far superior hypothetical two-hour movie would focus exclusively on Keaton and Poulter, as a doctor and pharma rep whose unlikely bond is tested by addiction and deceit. Dever is exceptional at playing working-class vulnerability without condescension, as is Ray McKinnon, as her character’s dad.

Is Michael Keaton’s ‘the other guys’ a true story?

Michael Keaton is no stranger to true stories where lies are exposed within corrupt organizations, lest anyone forget his Best Picture winner “Spotlight,” or for that matter, the 2010 comedy “The Other Guys.” But he is a relative outsider when it comes to TV.

Who is Michael Keaton’s Dopesick?

The Dopesick limited series will star Michael Keaton as “Samuel Finnix, an old-school doctor who approaches his practice with kindness and compassion, but finds himself embroiled in Big Pharma’s deadly secret.”

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