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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Michael Kors so popular?

Gold Michael Kors watches are so popular because the price point of their watches for the younger generation is spot on not only that they have a great look and feel. Which persuades the younger generation to buy one and flaunt it.

Did Michael Kors overpay for Versace?

Versace was a private business. It looks like, based on the evidence that we have so far, Michael Kors at least is not being viewed as having overpaid for this luxury brand. Bill Barker: But they were hit yesterday. The stock was down about 10% yesterday when the rumors of this leaked out into the market, and it wasn't confirmed until the end.

Is Michael Kors going fur free?

Michael Kors Is The Latest Fashion Brand To Go Fur-Free. The brand will ban all use of fur, effective in 2018. Michael Kors is the latest to join a growing list of luxury brands opting to go fur-free.

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