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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Michael Kors watches made with real gold?

The majority of Michael Kors watches are gold plated stainless steel (or gold tone). If it helps, watches and jewellery that are solid gold are also known as hallmarked gold, and as far as I am aware, this isn’t something that they typically do.

Are any Michael Kors purses made of leather?

Most definitely if the label says leather they are but michael kors also makes pleather handbags as well or material fabric bags but alot of their bags come in many different beautiful real authentic leather. Some have a coating on them to add scratch resistance and water resistance.

What are Michael Kors handbags made out of?

Michael Kors BROOKE ↓. The typical feature of this handbag group is a strap base made by iron chain. There is pebbled leather with the single top handle and elongated shoulder strap. This is a really elegant piece as it has sharp chain shapes and comes in three colors: claret, brown, pearl grey and black.

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