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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are temporary tables stored in SQL Server?

In SQL Server, temporary tables, that are stored in the TempDB database, are widely used to provide a suitable place for the intermediate data processing before saving the result to a base table.

What are derived tables in SQL Server?

Derived Tables in SQL Server. A derived table is an example of a subquery that is used in the FROM clause of a SELECT statement to retrieve a set of records. You can use derived tables to break a complex query into separate logical steps and they are often a neat alternative to using temporary tables.

What is a temporary table in SQL?

Temporary Table in SQL Server If you need to store a large amount of data to a temporary location then it is a good idea to store this in a temporary table rather than on a table variable. A temporary table is created in the "tempdb" of the SQL Server. The number of rows and columns needs to be as small as needed.

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