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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Midas for car maintenance services?

Any factory-mandated maintenance service like and oil change or a lights replacement can be easily done by Midas technicians. Besides that, these garage also provide excellent repair services for any mechanical or electrical component of your car.

How much does midmidas charge for air conditioning repair?

Midas Prices Item Price Change Air Conditioning Inspection $39.95 - - 5.0 Air Conditioning Diagnosis $87.49 - - Coolant Service $89.95 - - 40 more rows ...

How much does Midas charge for an oil change?

Midas Prices Item Price Change Midas Touch Maintenance Package $34.95 - - Oil & Filter Change $27.95 - - High Mileage Oil $39.95 - - Synthetic Blend $69.95 - - 39 more rows ...

Is Midas a good franchise?

The “golden touch” of Midas has been around for more than half a century. Opening its doors in 1956, the Midas garage has blossomed into a franchise with over 1300 branches across the US and Canada. With competitive Midas prices, this garage chain presents customers with a solid choice when it comes to the repair and maintenance of their cars.

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