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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Midas do brakes?

Midas: Midas charges roughly $80 per hour for labor costs when working on brakes. They charge about $50 for a brake drum package, $60 to replace brake fluid, and upwards of $800 for a complete caliper and rotor job.

Is a brake disc and brake rotor the same thing?

No. The two are different objects. This is despite the fact they are designed to do the same thing. A brake disc refers to the whole assembly of the car's brake system. It comprises of the brake rotors, brake pads, and caliper which holds the brake pads in position. On the other hand, a brake rotor refers to the actual disc itself.

What is a Midas Muffler?

History. The chain was originally known as Midas Muffler as they specialized in the replacement of mufflers. In recent years, they have marketed themselves as Auto Service Experts, as they are capable of performing most routine and common automobile service, including brakes, fluid changes, and suspensions.

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