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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Midas pattern?

The Midas was a pattern “promoted” by Paul Davison of Troutwatch , a now defunct online fly fishing tackle site. As is the way with these things, the Midas was THE killer pattern to have, if you didn’t have them in your box were sure to go home fishless, forever.

How do you Make Your Midas fly rod float?

I rub some floatant into the Midas prior to fishing. If it becomes sodden (hopefully after catching a fish!), wash the fly in the water to remove any slime, squeeze in a Fly Kerchief to remove excess water, and give a shake in dry fly shake. Treated this way, it should float all day.

Is Craig Barr's shop selling Midas flies?

Post Script: No sooner had I posted this article than I seen a post of facebook saying that Flash Attack Flies, Craig Barr’s retail fly tying shop is selling Midas flies with the spiel “A highly kept secret, Its founder, Paul Davison has given its magic to Flash Attack Flies.

How do you tie a Pheasant Fly?

Pull 4 fibres from the pheasant tail and tie 2 to either side of the fly, facing the butts to the rear of the fly. The leg length should be the same length as the body of the fly.

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