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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the moral of the story Midas?

Justin Polak Block 4 2/6/09 King Midas and Morality The story of King Midas is centered around certain morals. Such morals can prove beneficial to society and one’s wellbeing. These morals are resistance to greed, honesty, and helping others. In the story of King Midas, Midas learns the hard way not to be greedy.

What do you know about the real King Midas?

King Midas The Golden Touch of King Midas. Midas was the king of Phrygia, who ruled over his people from a lavish castle encircled by a beauteous garden, in which - to ... Midas' Wish. ... "King Midas Has an Ass's Ears...". ... Sources. ...

Is Greek mythology a real thing?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by is it a "real thing". If you mean "is Greek mythology true", then no. Mythology is a system of stories explaining natural phenomena and abstract concepts. Though some of the stories are based in fact, most of them are imaginary.

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