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Frequently Asked Questions

What is m32-mix for Midas M32?

M32-Mix for MIDAS M32 Digital Mixing Console. M32-MIX remote control and offline editing software provides comprehensive control over all mixing and routing functions of your MIDAS M32 consoles right from the convenience of your iPad®.

What is m32-edit for Mac OS X?

The program belongs to System Tools. This free software for Mac OS X is a product of MUSIC Group IP Ltd. The MIDAS M32-Edit is an editing program created for the M32 console. M32-Edit communicates via UDP/OSC protocol through the M32 Ethernet port, and facilitates the remote control or setting of virtually all functions of the M32 console.

What is the Midas M32 cue list?

It's easy to recall specific parameter settings or even entire console layouts with the Midas M32, thanks to the innovative Cue List feature. This lets you create up to 500 Cue entries, which you can use to instantly recall any of 100 Scenes or 100 Snippets.

Can I use the Midas M32 to record live?

For simple recording, there's a USB slot where you can plug in a flash drive, but there's also a 32-in/32-out USB 2.0 audio interface built in, so you can connect directly to your DAW. That makes the Midas M32 perfect for full-scale studio and recording live.

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