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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest firmware for Midas M32?

Midas M32 Firmware is Major Leap Forward. Midas, one of the world’s leading console manufacturers, has today released its much-anticipated Firmware and Application Software Update, V 3.0, for its award-winning M Series.

Is the Midas M32 the Best Console for live mixing?

The Midas M32 is a future-forward console that completely raises the bar for live mixing. While the MIDAS M32 design, styling, and construction will surely turn a lot of heads, it’s the sound that matters most to engineers and performing artists.

What is m32m32?

M32 is your “mind-to-sound” interface – the intersection of creativity and production. Whether you’re accustomed to digital mixers or not, the M32’s intuitive user interface offers a fluid mixing experience that instantly feels like home.

Where can I download the Midas apps?

With huge functionality and customisation of workflows, the Apps offer everything on virtually any available platform! The Midas M32 firmware update 3.0 and the new M32-Edit app are available for immediate download at The new M32-Mix app is available for immediate download in the Apple App Store.

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