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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Midas M32C mixer?

No matter where you are in your facility - or outside of it - you can always maintain control of the M32C. Midas equipped the M32C digital rack mixer with Ethernet for network control, USB for 32 x 32 computer recording, and even MIDI connectivity. Plus, an expansion port allows you to meet the needs of any complex audio system.

What is midmidas M32C?

Midas ’ singular focus on a matchless value proposition means M32C integrates advanced features such as integrated personal monitor mixing and true high-speed digital audio networking as standard features.

What is the latest firmware for Midas M32?

Midas M32 Firmware is Major Leap Forward. Midas, one of the world’s leading console manufacturers, has today released its much-anticipated Firmware and Application Software Update, V 3.0, for its award-winning M Series.

What are the standard features of the M32C?

Ethernet, USB and MIDI are all standard features on M32C. An additional expansion slot is also included, so that the M32C can connect to current and future digital audio networks and link protocols via a wide range of expansion cards including USB, ADAT*, MADI and Audinate Dante*. POWERPLAY P16 Personal Monitoring System Easy as a handshake.

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