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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Midas M32R live digital mixer?

In Stock! The Midas M32R LIVE digital mixing console takes the stellar sound quality and amazing processing power of the M32 and packs it into a portable, rackmountable form factor. You get 16 channel faders and one master fader, the same custom design that gives the M32 its ultra-smooth and precise feel.

What is the latest firmware for Midas M32?

Midas M32 Firmware is Major Leap Forward. Midas, one of the world’s leading console manufacturers, has today released its much-anticipated Firmware and Application Software Update, V 3.0, for its award-winning M Series.

What is The M32R?

The M32R is a console built for today, and tomorrow – its rock-solid proprietary operating system and the 0.8 ms audio engine provide outstanding state-of-the-art audio performance for years to come. The Midas mic preamp is considered by leading live sound and recording engineers to be the very essence of the famous Midas sound.

What's new in the M32 and M32C digital platforms?

Major performance enhancements now await users of the esteemed M32, M32R and M32C digital platforms. With strong focus on networked system control, Midas has gone the extra mile for the milestone update by including new versions of all of its remote control apps, M32-Edit and M32-Mix for all platforms with this consolidated 3.0 release.

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