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Frequently Asked Questions

What preamps are used in the Midas MR18?

The preamps used in the Midas MR18 are the Midas PRO preamps. These are the preamps you’ll find in all of MIDAS’s digital mixers, including the M32, M32R, PRO1-IP, MR12, as well as some of their stage boxes.

What is the Midas M32R?

The M32R is an innovative, evolved design that brings together modern construction principles and high-tech materials into a styling destined to go down as a landmark in console history. In 2013, Midas approached me to create a new design language for Midas and with it a new mixing console.

What is the difference between Midas MR18 vs Behringer xr18?

The Behringer XR18 and the Midas MR18 are two of the most popular entry-level digital mixers for many mixing engineers. Although they offer similar features, the Midas MR18 is more expensive than the Behringer XR18. So what’s the main difference between Midas MR18 vs Behringer XR18?

Is the Midas M32 digital mixing desk any good?

If you've run upscale live sound anytime in the past 40 years, then you know Midas's reputation for creating top-quality full-sized consoles. The Midas M32 digital mixing desk brings cutting-edge Midas innovation to the world of medium-format consoles.

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