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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Midas m air on my iPad?

M AIR on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. M-AIR allows you to control the mixing, processing and effects functions of Midas' MR18 & MR12 digital audio mixers right from your iPad®. M-AIR Version 1.6 delivers simple and advanced control features for the MR18 & MR12 mixers.

What is MR18 from Midas?

The mr18 from midas is an 18-input, portable, rackmountable mixer for ipad and android tablets. Txt or read online for free. Some users choose to remove this program.

How do I connect my Midas m air mixer to MR18?

Simply download the free app to your iPad, set the MIDAS M AIR mixer to Access Point mode and connect your iPad to the MR18 network that will show up. After launching the M AIR MIX app, select the mixer image, and all of your M AIR mixer’s settings can now be adjusted directly from your iPad.

What can I do with Midas m-air?

It provides customisable fader layers, Automixing, DCA and Mute Group control, as well as access to the 64 internal snapshots memory of Midas M-AIR mixers. The M-AIR app can be used in demo mode for offline show preparation, when no mixer is available.

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