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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Midas Rex ® Legend System?

The Midas Rex ® Legend system is a standardized platform that includes both pneumatic and electric Midas Rex motors and an intuitive line of Legend attachments, chucks, and tools for almost every surgical need. This single, versatile system reduces the amount of equipment in the operating room.

Why choose Midas Rex MR8™?

That’s why we engineered the Midas Rex™MR8™system to be not just a drill, but an extension of yourself, and conduit that delivers your skills and knowledge to your patients in need. QUALITY, DEPENDABILITY, AND EXCELLENCE. You trust Midas Rex™for the same reasons your patients trust you. 1 AESSORIES TOOLS ATTAMENTS MOTORS Table of Contents

What is Midas rex® bone mill?

Our innovative Midas Rex ® Bone Mill gives you a controlled, precise method to morselize bone, producing homogenous particulate sizes. See our Product Catalog for details about all our electric and pneumatic handpieces.

Why choose midmidas Rex®Legen D® Tool Catalog 2?

Midas Rex®Legen d® Tool Catalog 2 Legend®Attachments and Tools Legend® Standardization - Saves Time and Money Legendary performance with classic form and function Simplified logistics include one system for all high-speed users from one vendor with over 40 years of experience. Training needs are simplified with the innovative and intuitive system.

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