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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Midas Rex Legend ® pneumatic system?

The Midas Rex ®Legend ®Pneumatic motors provide exceptional ease of use and outstanding OR performance. The Legend Pneumatic System features the Legend Gold Motor, the Legend Gold Touch Motor, and the Legend Platinum Motor.

What kind of motor is in Midas Rex MR7?

MR7 System The Midas Rex® MR7 and MR7 Touch High-Speed Pneumatic Motors deliver the dynamic power and performance you expect, and then some. With innovative proprietary technology throughout the system, every component is carefully engineered and manufactured for maximum power with increased durability.

What does Midas Rex mean in English?

Midas Rex is a Legendary Outfit, part of The Last Laugh Bundle along with The Joker & Poison Ivy . Rex is of Latin origin and means "king" or "ruler." According to the description of the pack on the Epic game website "Ghost's Golden King" Midas Rex is from the E.G.O faction.

Why choose Midas rex bone mill?

Our innovative Midas Rex TM bone mill gives you a controlled method to morselize bone, producing homogenous particulate sizes. Download ENT reimbursement coding guides and contact information.

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