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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Midas Rex MR8 high-speed drills?

The Midas Rex MR8 high-speed drill system has a lower operating temperature, less chatter, improved visibility of the surgical site, and even better cutting performance. Navigable with StealthStation™ S8, it seamlessly integrates with other technologies in our portfolio.

Where can I find the latest version of the Midas Rex manual?

It is important to consult the full system manuals for the most updated information. The most current version of each manual is located on our Medtronic Manual Library website. The Medtronic Midas Rex MR7 System is a pneumatically operated surgical instrument system.

Why choose the Midas Rex Legend EHS stylus high-speed surgical drill?

The Midas Rex™ Legend EHS stylus high-speed surgical drill offers high-torque in a compact size, making it suited for a wide range of surgeries, including spine, neurotology, and ENT procedures. High-torque and compact, the Midas Rex Legend EHS stylus high-speed surgical drill is powered by the Integrated Power Console (IPC™).

What is Midas rex® bone mill?

Our innovative Midas Rex ® Bone Mill gives you a controlled, precise method to morselize bone, producing homogenous particulate sizes. See our Product Catalog for details about all our electric and pneumatic handpieces.

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