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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Midas Rex MR8?

The Midas Rex MR8 platform now integrates navigated high-speed drilling with StealthStation S8 for cranial applications so you have real-time navigated drilling with a streamlined workflow. Accommodate a variety of spine procedures.

What does Midas Rex mean in English?

Midas Rex is a Legendary Outfit, part of The Last Laugh Bundle along with The Joker & Poison Ivy . Rex is of Latin origin and means "king" or "ruler." According to the description of the pack on the Epic game website "Ghost's Golden King" Midas Rex is from the E.G.O faction.

What happened to Midas Rex?

Midas was attacked (and was thought to be eaten) by a shark in the Chapter 2: Season 3 trailer. He survived and since then he wears golden armor with the crown symbol of Oro and is called Midas Rex, (part of the Last Laugh Bundle, which is not yet released.) white and gold cloth also hangs in front of him, this is the same as Oro's.

What is the stealth-Midas MR8 drill system?

The Stealth-Midas™MR8 Drill System features electric or pneumatic navigated drills that offer real-time feedback in relation to the patient anatomy when used with the StealthStation S8. The drills are available in the StealthStation™S8 Spine and Cranial software applications.

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