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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Midas in Fortnite?

The character first appeared in the battle royale's Chapter 2 Season 2 Battlepass. Since then, fans of the game have seen his rise, fall, and complete disappearance at this point. In October of 2020, Midas was revealed to be one of the most Google searched Fortnite terms alongside Travis Scott.

Who is midmidas in Fortnite?

Midas is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that could be obtained at Level 100 of Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass. He was a Spy Boss at The Agency and had his own Mythic Drum Gun. The skin is based on a Greek myth about a man that makes anything he touches turn to gold.

What happened to Midas'snapshot?

After a ritual with it was performed, the snapshot of Midas was "resurrected". The snapshot returned as Shadow Midas, in the Midas' Revenge event. He appeared as a boss in the Ruins of the Authority with his own Drum Gun. Shadow Midas successfully managed to "hack" the reboot system and Loop and got rid of Reboot Cards.

Where is Shadow Midas in Fortnite?

Midas has a Fortnitemares counterpart, known as Shadow Midas. Midas’ chair could be found in IO Elevators when they appeared, in Chapter 2: Season 5. He is the male counterpart of Marigold.

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