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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Midas'wife respond to his secret?

How did Midas' wife respond to his secret? She couldn't keep the secret so she ran down to a river and whispered it to the water (from the story of Ovid). What mood was the knight in as he rode home?

What is the story of King Midas?

Just remember the story of King Midas! She sholde tellen of his disfigure. The Roman poet Ovid tells the story of King Midas in his collection of tales. Midas had donkey ears growing out of his head, and he hid them with his long hair so well that no one except his wife knew they were there.

What is the story of the wife of Bath?

The tale the Wife of Bath tells about the transformation of an old hag into a beautiful maid was quite well known in folk legend and poetry. One of Chaucer’s contemporaries, the poet John Gower, wrote a version of the same tale that was very popular in Chaucer’s time.

What is the twist in the wife of Bath's tale?

However, the Wife of Bath’s twist is that at the end of the day, women must have sovereignty over their husbands, and that a woman's faithfulness in fact depends on being given freedom. Raphel, Adrienne. "The Canterbury Tales The Wife of Bath’s Tale."

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