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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minnesota State mascot?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Goldy is the mascot of the University of Minnesota. Fairchild the Gopher is the face of the Minnesota State Fair. And, since its inception, Minnesota has been known as the Gopher State.

What is the Minnesota Wilds mascot?

Nordy (Minnesota Wild) The Minnesota Wild unveiled their mascot, named Nordy, on October 5, 2008. Little is known about the species of the mascot - some say he is a mix of a bear and a fox wearing hockey hair and a green "M" on his forehead.

What is the name of the Minnesota Twins mascot?

Bear is the official mascot of the Minnesota Twins. It is a brown and cream colored bear wearing a pinstripe Minnesota Twins Jersey #00. He is wearing a Twins TC cap and is about 14 inches tall.

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