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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of alcohol is in a mini Donut beer?

This creative beer’s warm tan color, malty base and natural flavors are reminiscent of a fresh State Fair mini donut. This sweet summer sipper has enough rich flavor not to overwhelm the palate. Each glass is served rimmed with cinnamon sugar to enhance the aromas. 5% ABV.

Why choose State Fair mini donuts?

State Fair Mini Donuts is committed to producing premium mini donuts. We promise our innovative ovens will provide your business with hot and fresh treats that will delight your customers every time. FRESH HOT MINI DONUTS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR FRYING!

What kind of beer is at the Minnesota State Fair?

Honoring two State Fair traditions – chocolate chip cookies and craft beer – this sweet sipper with a malty backbone is golden tan in color and features hints of chocolate and vanilla. Each glass is rimmed with semi-sweet chocolate. 5.2% ABV, 25 IBUs. Brewed in White Bear Lake, Minn., by Big Wood Brewery.

How many beverages are at the Minnesota State Fair 2021?

The Minnesota State Fair announces 56 brand-new beverages premiering or found only at the 2021 fair. In addition, there will be 29 returning beverages found only at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. In all, the fair features 300+ brews and beverages.

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