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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose State Fair mini donuts?

State Fair Mini Donuts is committed to producing premium mini donuts. We promise our innovative ovens will provide your business with hot and fresh treats that will delight your customers every time. FRESH HOT MINI DONUTS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR FRYING!

Where can you buy mini donuts in Minnesota?

One is in North St. Paul, at 2275 McKnight Road, and the other is at the Wild Prairie Harley Davidson in Eden Prairie. The Donut Family will update its Facebook page with future locations it'll be selling its mini doughnuts, cheese curds, corn dogs, cotton candy and lemonade.

What kind of donuts are at the Texas State Fair?

Featuring brand-new blueberry mini donuts, plus classic cheese curds in Cajun (new to the fair!), ranch, garlic and original flavors (Located on the east side of Underwood Street between Murphy & Lee avenues) Featuring more than 30 dye-free and natural flavors of handspun cotton candy clouds made with organic cane sugar.

What's new at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair?

Five booths – Auntie M's Gluten Free, Baba’s, Libby's Ice Cream & Co., Solem Concessions Cheese Curds and Mini Donuts, and Spinning Wylde – will make their debut at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair! They join the four new food vendors announced in mid-July.u000b Featuring gluten-free corndogs, funnel cakes and cheese curds.

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