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Frequently Asked Questions

When does MN State Fair start?

Minnesota State Fair is a premier regional state fair related to agriculture industry. This regional event is set to start on 26 August 2021, Thursday in St. Paul, MN, United States, and organized by Minnesota State Fair. When is the event being held? Where is the event being held? The event will be held in St. Paul, MN in United States.

What time does the MN State Fair Open?

MN State Fair itinerary. The fair opens at 6 am, but most of the food vendors don’t open until about 8:00 and the buildings don’t open until 9, so unless you’re feeling productive and want to see a hubbub of activity in the animal barns then it’s probably not worth arriving until 8 or 9 in the morning.

How many days until MN State Fair?

The Great Minnesota Get-Together, otherwise known as the Minnesota State Fair, is 12 days long and runs from Aug. 25 through Labor Day, Sept. 5.

What to eat* at the Minnesota State Fair?

A stand selling cheese curds. One of the primary attractions at the State Fair is the wide variety of foods to be had. Classic fair foods such as cotton candy and hot dogs are available. Some foods reflect Minnesota's agriculture, including cheese curds, milk shakes, and corn dogs.

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