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Frequently Asked Questions

What to eat* at the Minnesota State Fair?

A stand selling cheese curds. One of the primary attractions at the State Fair is the wide variety of foods to be had. Classic fair foods such as cotton candy and hot dogs are available. Some foods reflect Minnesota's agriculture, including cheese curds, milk shakes, and corn dogs.

Where to find Summit Beer at the Minnesota State Fair?

So here it is, The List of All the Summit Beers at The Fair: Shanghaied Henri's and the Summit on a Stick Booth in the International Bazaar - Summit Extra Pale Ale, Saga IPA, Dakota Soul, Skip Rock, Oktoberfest, Oatmeal Stout, and our brand-new ... Tejas Express, located in The Garden near the North Wall - Summit Skip Rock. Coasters, located at Carnes and Liggett - Summit Extra Pale Ale and Dakota Soul More items...

What time does the MN State Fair Open?

MN State Fair itinerary. The fair opens at 6 am, but most of the food vendors don’t open until about 8:00 and the buildings don’t open until 9, so unless you’re feeling productive and want to see a hubbub of activity in the animal barns then it’s probably not worth arriving until 8 or 9 in the morning.

Is Minnesota State Fair free?

The Minnesota State Fair has released the schedule of free music for this year’s Great Minnesota Get-Together. Among the biggest national names playing free shows (free with admission to the fair, that is) are G. Love and Special Sauce, War, and Billy Bob Thornton — who’s playing the Leinie Lodge with his band the Boxmasters.

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