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Who was the first starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings?

The team's first starting quarterback was George Shaw; he was replaced by Tarkenton in the franchise's first game, and the future Hall of Famer retained the starting role for most of the remainder of the season. As of the 2018 season, Minnesota's starting quarterback is Kirk Cousins.

Did the Vikings have a perfect season in 1975?

1975 Minnesota Vikings season. The 1975 season was the Minnesota Vikings' 15th in the National Football League. The Vikings began with a 10-game win streak before losing by one point to the Washington Redskins, though there was generally very little expectation they would equal the 1972 Dolphins' perfect season.

How many starting quarterbacks did the Vikings have in the 2000s?

The Vikings had three starting quarterbacks in the following three seasons – Johnson (1997), Randall Cunningham (1998) and Jeff George (1999) – before Daunte Culpepper began a six-year spell in his second year in the NFL in 2000.

What happened to former Vikings QB Teddy Moon?

Moon retained the starting QB spot for two seasons, but suffered a broken collarbone halfway through his third season with the Vikings and was replaced by Brad Johnson for the remainder of the season.

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