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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mixbox?

All the FX you need in one rack. MixBox packs over 70 award-winning mixing processors and creative effects derived from T-RackS, AmpliTube and SampleTank into a convenient 500-series style plug-in. Create, compare and save your own custom channel strips or multiFX chains, or choose from over 600 presets to give your creativity a kickstart.

What is mixmixbox CS for iPad?

MixBox CS gives iPad users many of the most advanced and popular models from AmpliTube & T-RackS to add ultra-authentic analog warmth and vibe to any track. View the complete effects modules collection here.

What's new in Mixbox CS?

In addition, MixBox CS includes four new reverb algorithms for hall, room, plate and inverse. A selection of ultra-precise digital models of some of the most iconic mixing gear in history is onboard, as well as creative models such as amplifier distortion and tape cassette saturation.

Does mixmixbox come with presets?

MixBox comes packed with both individual processor and whole-chain presets, covering a range of uses, styles, genres and more. Plus, you can easily save and recall your own presets for future use.

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