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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mixmixbox?

MixBox lets you choose from over 70 different effects to create a custom processor chain in a single “rack.” 8 slots per rack let you design the exact channel strip you want, then save it for later recall.

Is Mixbook a good brand for photo products?

Mixbook offers knick-knacks like magnets, gift tags and stickers. The latest addition to Mixbook’s pile is its collection of home decor, from charming photo prints on canvas, to photos with glass-like finish, an ideal embellishment for a high-end gallery at home. This Mixbook review will focus on some of the brand’s most popular photo products.

Where is where is Mixbook located?

Where is Mixbook located? Mixbook conducts most of its operations online but is based in Redwood City, California. How many pages can you have in a Mixbook? Mixbook’s traditional photo books, both softcovers and hardcovers (matte and glossy), can have a maximum of 399 pages, while the company’s layflat books can have a maximum of 99 pages.

Why choose Mixbook for your wall art?

Explore Mixbook’s wide range of wall art options—which includes acrylic prints, metal prints, poster prints, canvas prints—to find one that suits your style and needs. Finding the right home decor for your living space can be a challenge. At Mixbook, you can create customized art that will be sure to perfectly reflect your taste.

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