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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mixbox and how does it work?

Conceptually and visually, MixBox mimics API’s popular 500‑series hardware format. Its freely resizeable user interface presents a row of either four or eight vertical slots, complete with skeuomorphic details such as cables and mounting holes.

What can I make with Mixbook?

Make a travel photo book for your family trips and vacations, or a year-in-review photo books to document your activities and accomplishments. For your special events and memories, Mixbook has an exclusive designers collection of photo book themes that are beautifully crafted.

What kind of switches does the Mixbox have?

Intuitively designed for modern gamers, the Mixbox features Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches that ensure every button press is clean, precise, and responds instantly. The Mixbox Controller is designed to enhance your play speed and fast-twitch responsiveness with 8-function Sanwa Denshi Buttons that help map every movement.

How much does mixmixbook cost?

Mixbook is FREE to use and there are no contracts or subscription fees. You only pay for the printed books you order. Choose your preferred format, size and cover style, and we'll take care of the rest! You'll be delighted when your books arrive and have a lasting keepsake for years to come.

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