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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mondmond?

MOND was proposed by Mordehai Milgrom in 1983. The basic premise of MOND is that while Newton's laws have been extensively tested in high-acceleration environments (in the Solar System and on Earth), they have not been verified for objects with extremely low acceleration, such as stars in the outer parts of galaxies.

How does Mond work?

It aims to account for the ubiquitous mass discrepancies in the Universe, without invoking the dark matter that is required if one adheres to standard dynamics. MOND departs from standard dynamics at accelerations smaller than : a new constant with the dimensions of acceleration that MOND introduces into physics.

What is the new Mond model?

MOND, as a set of new laws, affords new tools for astronomical measurements–such as of masses and distances of far away objects–in ways not afforded by standard dynamics.

What is the MOND hypothesis?

The first hypothesis of MOND (dubbed AQUAL) was constructed in 1984 by Milgrom and Jacob Bekenstein. AQUAL generates MONDian behavior by modifying the gravitational term in the classical Lagrangian from being quadratic in the gradient of the Newtonian potential to a more general function.

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