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Frequently Asked Questions

What font has the same width?

Some fonts use different character widths for different characters. In such fonts an "m" will have a greater width than an "i". They are called proportional fonts. These fonts have a nicer-looking and are easier to read. Fonts where all the characters have the same width are called monospaced fonts.

Which fonts have the same width for every character?

A fixed-pitch font is one wherein every character is the same width and thereby occupies the same amount of space on a page. A proportional font, or variable font, is one wherein the widths vary depending on the character's shape and, therefore, do not occupy the same amount of space on a page.

What is the most popular resume font?

Popular Resume Fonts. The most used fonts on resumes are Helvetica and Times New Roman because both are often the default fonts on computers and both are easy to read. Helvetica fonts, also known as Arial, are called san serif fonts.

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