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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a mood?

Mood is a feeling. An example of mood is someone who is grumpy. a particular state of mind or feeling; humor or temper. a predominant or pervading feeling, spirit, or tone.

What is mood definition?

A mood is an emotional state that may last anywhere from a few minutes to several weeks. Mood affects the way people respond to stimuli. For example, a depressed mood creates a bias in favor of responding negatively, whereas a manic mood makes it more likely that a person will respond energetically.

What are the different moods?

There are basically 8 kinds of mood and the ninth one is Clam that is the absence of all the moods and emotions. Love or passion, Joy , Wonder , Valor ,Sad , Anger , Fear, Disgust, Clam. Emotions are short-term and are more superficial emotions are of two types short term and long term and long-term emotions give rise to moods.

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