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Frequently Asked Questions

What county is Mower County MN?

Mower County, Minnesota. Mower County comprises the Austin, MN Micropolitan Statistical Area and is included in the Rochester -Austin Combined Statistical Area . Lake Louise State Park is located in the southeast part of the county near Le Roy .

Where is Mower County Texas?

Mower County comprises the Austin Micropolitan Statistical Area and is included in the Rochester-Austin Combined Statistical Area. Lake Louise State Park is in the southeastern Mower County, near Le Roy.

Where is the Mower County Justice Center located?

The Mower County Justice Center is located in Austin, MN. This district court has original jurisdiction in all civil, family, probate, juvenile, criminal, and traffic cases filed in Mower County. This court is part of the Third Judicial District.

How many lakes are in Mower County MN?

Despite Mower County being one of only four counties in Minnesota without any natural lakes (the other three being Olmsted, Pipestone, and Rock), it does have four small ponds and lakes created by dams.

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