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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 320kbps the best quality?

The lower the Kbps, the more data the encoder will eliminate when compressing an audio file; the range for bit rates is from 96 to 320 Kbps. 128 Kbps quality is typically considered radio quality, and a bit rate of 160 or higher is equivalent to CD sound quality. To maximize sound quality, 320 Kbps is the best choice.

How do I extract audio from mp4?

How to Extract Audio/MP3/Sound from MP4 with Full Audio Quality. Step 1: Download this audio extractor from MP4 files and launch it. You can directly drag and drop the MP4 file that contains the audio or hit "Add File" button to lead in the MP4 file. Step 2: To rip audio from MP4 videos, just choose one of the audio formats from the "to Muaic" list.

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