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Frequently Asked Questions

Was MP40 a good SMG?

The MP40 was pretty good. It was cheap stamped steel, like most submachine guns of the day, but most of them were pretty well made. And while it was kind of heavy, it actually became pretty compact when the stock was folded and the mag was removed. German motorized units loved them for carrying around.

How to make MP40?

in this video i teach how to make a MP40 That Shoots Bullets (Cardboard Gun)dawnload templates. A4

What does the MP in MP40 stand for?

What does MP stand for in MP40? Page 3. D-01: History of the MP40. The MP 40 (MP designates Maschinenpistole.) was a submachine gun developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers), platoon and squad leaders, and other troops during World War II.

How to use MP40?

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