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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy for multiple myeloma?

Unfortunately, life expectancy after relapse averages about nine months. Complications of multiple myeloma may include kidney insufficiency, bleeding disorders, bone problems like pathological fractures, hypercalcemia, and neurological problems (for example, spinal cord compression, intracranial plasmacytomas, and others).

How effective is Revlimid for multiple myeloma?

Multiple myeloma. Revlimid was more effective than placebo (a dummy treatment) in two main studies in 1,074 patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma and who had had stem cell transplantation. The main measure of effectiveness was how long patients lived without their cancer getting worse.

How deadly is multiple myeloma?

Multiple Myeloma is, for most people who have it, still a fatal disease. But it can take a long time to get you and you can be in remission or stable disease for many years and live a relatively normal life during those years. Multiple Myeloma varies greatly from one patient to another.

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