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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert music from a PDF file to XML?

Versatile Download and convert practically any PDF music file from the Internet. Use the camera on your mobile device with one of many "scanning" apps available on the Windows App Store. Send PDF scores directly to your computer and immediately process them with Music-to-XML.

What is accurate music-to-XML?

Music-to-XML will convert and send scores to your favorite music notation program for transposition, play back and editing quickly, accurately and easily. Accurate Music-to-XML desktop app uses the same world-class recognition technology as SmartScore X2 - powered by our proprietary Prodigy Engine®.

What is SmartScore music-to-XML?

Without burying the lede further, Musitek, the maker of that technology, has released it as a separate $100 product called SmartScore Music-to-XML that will do the exact same thing as what was planned for inclusion in Finale: take a PDF containing scanned music and convert for use in music notation software.

Can I edit music in music-to-XML?

Unlike its big brother SmartScore X 2 Pro or SmartScore’s main competitor, Neuratron’s PhotoScore Ultimate, there is no music editing capability in Music-to-XML. You can’t actually open and view a file with Music-to-XML; you can’t resolve errors, extract parts, delete items, change page size, transpose, print it, play it back or export audio.

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