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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to myBenefits CalWIN?

To start the login process for your MyBenefits CalWIN, visit the MyBenefits CalWIN website at Once you are on the homepage you will need to locate the “Sign In” button, which is usually at the top part of the site (see image below).

What is MyMy benefits CalWIN?

My Benefits CalWIN (BCW) is a quick and easy way to apply for or renew CalFresh, MediCal or CalWORKs benefits online, or to submit your documents. When applying for programs online, please complete the online application as completely as possible.

What is a SAR 7 form in California?

The Eligibility Status Report, also known as the SAR 7, is a report form that some CalWORKs (cash aid) and CalFresh households must complete, sign and send to the County, once a year. Benefits may be discontinued if verification of the information reported on the SAR 7 is not provided. How often do I have to send the SAR 7?

What is a SAR 7 for CalFresh?

All households that receive CalFresh benefits must complete a SAR 7 documenting their income, property, and any changes to their household. The SAR 7 must be submitted to the Social Services Agency by the date requested or your CalFresh benefits could be discontinued.

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