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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user account for Bosch DIY tools?

A user account allows you to extend the warranty of your Bosch DIY tools, use the Bosch repair service, to find projects that match your interests and to become part of our unique community. See listed countries for availability.

Why register your appliance at mybosch?

Register your appliance now at MyBosch and enjoy exclusive benefits. Everything for your Bosch home appliance and even more for you: register your home appliances and enjoy great benefits. You can look forward to superb service, the latest information, tips and lots more. Please review the input data.

What is mybosch?

At MyBosch we aim to provide you the latest information for your registered appliances from warranty to cleaning and care tips, videos on how-to get started with your appliances etc.

What can I do in the Bosch online store?

Register the warranties of your Bosch appliances with options to extend them further. Receive any important news and safety updates about your registered Bosch appliances. View any completed and ongoing orders that you placed from our online store. Choose to receive the latest content, news and promotions from Bosch.

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