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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my profile on bumble?

To verify your profile, tap either the Verify button in your own profile or another person’s verified badge. Then, take a selfie mimicking the random pose you see on your screen and send the selfie to Bumble by following the simple steps.

How do I verify my business profile?

Enter the verification PIN sent by email. For your edits to show more quickly, verify your Business Profile. If you make edits before your profile is verified, some may still appear on Google after being reviewed.

Where does the selfie photo submitted to verify my profile go?

The selfie photo submitted to verify your profile is stored in our system along with any other photos you've uploaded onto the app. Don't worry, this photo won't be shown on your profile and it won't be visible to any of your profile visitors.

How do I know if my location is verified?

Your location is verified and shows up on Google, as it has passed quality checks. For more info, refer to the “Pending review” status. You're all set. No action needed.

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