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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Essentia Health to MyChart?

Open the app on your device and select “Essentia Health” as your health care provider, then login using your MyChart username and password. Get Connected to MyChart Access your care team, personal health information and care plan all in one place with MyChart. Log In Sign Up

What is MyChart and how does it work?

MyChart is an Internet service that allows Essentia Health patients to have secure Web-based access to portions of their Essentia Health electronic medical record and allows secure electronic messaging with Essentia Health. Use of MyChart is completely voluntary, and you are not required to request access or to use it.

What can I do with my Essentia account?

When you use your account to communicate with your Essentia care team, you can feel certain that your messages are private and protected. Use MyChart to help manage care for a child or another adult. With your loved one’s permission, you’ll have proxy access to their MyChart record and the ability to communicate on their behalf.

How easy is it to set up a MyChart account?

Discover how easy it is to set up a MyChart account. Just answer a few questions to verify your identity and find a matching patient record at Essentia Health. Once your identity has been confirmed, you can create a MyChart account and gain immediate access to your information.

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