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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I View St Luke’s MyChart on my Smartphone?

Can I view St. Luke’s MyChart on my Smartphone? Yes, you can access your MyChart from our mobile website or through our mobile app. Visit on the web, or visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download our St. Luke’s mobile app! It’s easy, just search for “St. Luke’s” and look for the gold star!

How do I create a MyChart or St Luke's account?

Go to and click on the “create account” button and follow the instructions. You will be asked to validate your identity by answering a series of questions. 3. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download our St. Luke’s mobile app. Follow instructions for creating your St. Luke’s and MyChart accounts. 4.

How do I access MyChart?

To access myChart or set up a new myChart account, visit St. Luke’s or call 208-381-9000. If you would like to schedule a vaccine and are unable to access myChart, please call 208-381-9500.

How do I use MyChart with a new EMR?

With a new EMR comes a new convenient, online service — St. Luke’s MyChart. You will need to create a St. Luke’s account to begin using MyChart. If you already created a St. Luke’s account through the St. Luke’s app, no need to create a new account!

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